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Strike A Pose- African Vogue

Written by Kathy Juana


Posted on July 10 2022

After the success of our Fine Girl tee, it's taken me a minute to figure out what would be our next exclusive item. From the conception to the launch of the Fine Girl tee, I drove myself and probably a lot of my friends & family crazy with what the print, font, tee body should be like. I just didn't want it to be a success, I wanted people to relate when they wore it or saw the tee. Kind of like a unspoken African code, if that makes sense. 

The African Vogue tee was a little different, I never imagined that a picture I took would inspire me to create a tee. I just thought content, content, content. However, as we all know inspiration comes in multiple ways, my inspiration for this design came from a woman in Freetown, Sierra Leone. 

I was sitting on our balcony that overlooked the busy Freetown streets.  I usually don't have my phone on me, but I did this afternoon, only because I'm now responsible for another little human, and I was traveling back to the states in the next few days and I didn't want to miss any info pertaining to my flight or my pending Covid test results.

My cousin joined me on the balcony and we decided to go get some drinks to bring back to the house and I grabbed my Fine Girl tote and we were out. When we returned we continued to chill on the balcony, talking about our trip to Bonthe and my plans once we return back to the states and her plans when she finishes university in Bo. In the middle of her sentence I stopped her and told her that there was a woman walking our way and that I wanted to capture her picture, she started yelling from the balcony to get the woman's attention and we both than ran downstairs. I swear I saw this woman coming a mile away. My cousin asked her in Krio ( I understand it, but don't speak it well), if she was okay with me capturing her picture and she agreed, while I took the picture I decided to give her the Fine Girl tote. I gave her some money for her time and she continued along her route. 

My cousin asked why, I wanted to take her picture and I knew she probably wouldn't understand, because this is something she see's everyday and  although it's not knew to me either, I was inspired....

I was inspired by her dedication to her work in the sun on one of the hottest days. 

Inspired by her strength as she carried coal on her head and her child on her back.

Inspired that she kept going, despite the black sweat from the coal dripping down her face. 

My daughter had just turned one and as a new mom this woman reminded me while I was thousands of miles away from my daughter, that as a mom you do whatever it takes to provide for your Lo’s ( little one's).Therefore she became the cover story for our new exclusive tee!

This tee may or may not push you to click the checkout button, but I'm happy to have it apart of the collection. This tee is not just for moms or women, it's for anyone who has/had someone in their life that has been what this woman is for her child, EVERYTHING!




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