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Mission Lane Nicole Cyrille Prom Scholarship

Nicole Cyrille Mission Lane Prom Scholarship
A few blog post ago, I wrote about my prom experience on how amazing I felt that day. That feeling was not only because of my dress, but because of how special someone made me feel that day and the days leading up to prom. Nicole Cyrille has been making wedding, prom, special occasion dresses for over 30 years. La Mode Elegante was the place you went to when you wanted anything made with love.  Mrs. Nicole would welcome you with a warm smile,  you would grab some chocolate from the candy basket by her front door,  and then make your way downstairs to her design lab and that’s where magic would happen.  She could make anything!!!

I met Mrs. Nicole when I was in middle school. My older cousin was going to prom and the family gathered at her house to see her off. My cousin looked stunning and I remembered thinking to myself that I need that women to make something for me so I can look just as beautiful. Since making my cousin's prom dress, Mrs. Nicole has made at least 3-4 prom dresses for young ladies in my family, with a slew of other designs not prom related, and last year she blessed me with making my wedding dress.

During my wedding process, I got stuck on a dress I saw on Pinterest and was destined to have that dress. Mrs. Nicole and I, along with my mother and sister, went to try on the dress and it was everything that I imagined, except the price.  The dress was way over my budget, the requested price was something around $9,000, and Lord knows that even if I had the money there was no way I would’ve spent that much on a dress anyway. Mrs. Nicole had other plans. She memorized every part of that dress from head to toe, called me the following day and said "Kat I can make that dress for you," this was how Mrs. Nicole was. She would do anything to see others happy. I was skeptical because I knew it would take a lot of work and that I wanted her to focus on her health, but she was determined and said that this would help her and be her last project before closing La Mode Elegante. On the big day she brought the dress to the hotel, helped me get dress, and was there to make sure the photographer got the best shots of the dress.

We spent so much time together the last year. I learned so much about how I want to live my life and how I wanted people to remember me when I’m no longer here. Mrs. Nicole was a prime example of living your best life.  I can go on and on about her and the time we spent together, but I’ll stop here.

Mrs. Nicole passed away on January 22, 2018,  survived by her husband and two daughters, 10 siblings,  and hundreds of people who admired her. I know if Mrs. Nicole was around she would’ve been busy going to B & J fabrics in Midtown, NYC with a young lady looking for fabric to make her prom dress.  In Mrs. Nicole’s honor, Mission Lane will sponsor one prom ticket for a girl/boy looking to go to prom. Mrs. Nicole loved this experience and although she isn’t here to make a beautiful dress, I know she is going to shine her light on those honored with her scholarship.
Nicole Cyrille Mission Lane Prom Scholarship Nicole Cyrille Mission Lane Prom Scholarship Kathy Juana Wedding Dress
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