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2020 Nicole Cyrille Prom Donation, The Show Must Go On!

Written by Kathy Juana


Posted on May 12 2020


mission lane 2020 nicole cyrille prom donation


Every year around this time I look forward to donating a prom ticket to a high school student, unfortunately with COVID-19 running rapid, I’ve decided to use our annual prom ticket donation of $150 and donate to two outreach programs that aim to help others within the community.
I will split the donation between UMC at New Brunswick Friday Dinners and Elijah’s Promise Soup Kitchen, both out of New Brunswick, New Jersey.
UMC at New Brunswick hostess a biweekly Friday dinner for members in the community that are looking for meal, due to COVID-19 they’ve been preparing box meals for guest to pick up.
Elijah’s Promise Soup Kitchen serves daily meals to those in the community and as you can probably imagine with all that’s going on right now the demand for meals has increased. Although they are not accepting any volunteers at this time, their staff continues to serve guest every day.
With all that being said, let us remember those who cannot afford to purchase groceries nor do they know when they will have their next meal. Let us remember those who don’t have shelter and can’t practice social distancing. In remembering them, let’s also think of ways we can help. Remember, a donation is not only monetary.
If you would like to donate to any of these programs, please click the links above.
Let’s stay safe and stay in service to others.
 kathy juana Mission Lane Owner



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