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Launched in October 2015,  Mission Lane (, is an online women’s boutique for those who believe that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. Our goal is not only to curate fashionable pieces, but also to inspire and motivate you to help others within your community.

Through your purchases and support, we provide educational assistance to students in Bonthe Island, donate school supplies and winter accessories, as well as co-host an annual Thanksgiving dinner.

Although, we are based in New Jersey. Our roots are from Bonthe Island in Sierra Leone, West Africa, where our store name is derived from.

Mission Behind The Owner

The philanthropist behind Mission Lane, Kathy seamlessly fuses the brand’s goal with her own, using fashion for a good cause. A New Jersey native with African roots, she gained a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Studies and years of experience in the fashion industry in New York. With her sense of fashion and philanthropic edge, she inspires many individuals to give back with style.

Alta E. Lawrence Education Scholarship

Starting in January 2017, Mission Lane launched the Alta E. Lawrence Education Scholarship. This scholarship is available to students currently enrolled in school on Bonthe Island, Sierra Leone who need assistance in further their education. The scholarship provides one full year of school tuition, book bag, school supplies, school uniform, and shoes. 

My grandma Alta was a teacher at Minnie Mull Secondary school on Bonthe Island for 20+ years and stressed the importance of getting an education. For years she helped children outside of her family receive their education and in return I hope to do the same one child at a time. 

*As of September 2018 under the leadership of President Julius Maada Bio all public education is now available at no cost, therefore we no longer cover the cost of school fees, but still provide uniform and supply cost.

Nicole Cyrille Prom Donation

My senior prom experience was nothing less than I imagined, not only because of my dress, but because of how special someone made me feel that day and the days leading up to prom. Nicole Cyrille had been making wedding, prom, and special occasion dresses for over

 30 years. La Mode Elegante, in Somerset, New Jersey, was the place you went to when you wanted anything made with love. Sixteen years later after making my prom dress, Mrs. Nicole and I reunited to make my wedding dress. Despite all that she was going through, she came through for me on one of the biggest days of my life.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Nicole passed away in 2018, and in her honor, Mission Lane sponsors one prom ticket a year for a girl/boy looking to go to prom. Mrs. Nicole loved this experience and I know she is going to shine her light on those honored with her scholarship.