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Minor Details (Part 1)

Written by Kathy Juana


Posted on November 17 2015

Ahhh so where do I start? Let's start off by giving some details on myself. I'm 32 years old living in NYC, Manhattan to be exact, that's been working in the fashion industry (sales /planning) since I moved my tassel to the left side of my cap a.k.a 8 years ago. I recently decided after months of debating to make my dreams a reality. You’re curious to know what those dreams are aren't you? Well, let's just say you are reading the 1st blog entry from the owner of Mission Lane! is an online boutique for the women who will Never lose her Style, Never lose Herself, and Never lose her Mission (yeah I came up with that). With all seriousness, this was one of the things that I always kept to myself and never thought that I would actually be talking about in the open, I was too concerned about what other people thought and of course failure (that’s another entry). I have a full-time job and although I always wanted to have my own physical store, it's just not possible for me at this time so I decided to go the route of an online store ( I didn't make this decision alone, I'll explain later). I just wanted to make sure this dream didn't hit the back burner so here we are. From day 1 of planning there was one thing I was a absolutely sure I wanted my store to be about besides selling fashionable clothing and that was having a platform that encouraged giving back to the less fortunate, specifically women & children. Not sure how I was going to get that across and definitely don't want to be misunderstood for trying to save the world, but I know from experience that volunteering & giving back makes a huge difference not just to the people you are helping but it also changes you.

My experience started when I was younger and began in my church in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Most of my volunteer work was spent at the local soup kitchen, checking in the homeless at the homeless shelter, and doing their bed linens in the am. As an adult I went from being a volunteer at a nursing home, playing bingo, and taking the residents for walks, to turning it into a part time job for 8 years. I worked 2 weekends out of the month planning the residents weekend activities. My favorite things to do with them was always bingo and watching classic movies. I’ve become a big fan of Doris Day, Betty Davis, and Cary Grant to name a few from my time spent in the nursing home. You can always catch me watching TCM (Turner Classic Movies channel). The residents probably only remember me as the “manicure girl” because I could give a hella of a good manicure to my ladies and sometimes the gentleman at the nursing home. Since living in NYC, I’ve volunteered with New York Cares and I’ve become a New York Cares team leader.
With all that being said Mission Lane is more than your everyday online boutique, it’s the combination of my two loves, Fashion and Giving back!  I’m looking forward to sharing more about my journey and what Mission Lane is up too.
Welcome to Mission Lane!



  • So inspiring! You have created a platform that embodies your sweet and gentle spirit!

    Posted by Jasmine | July 17, 2018
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