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All I Want For Christmas......

Written by Kathy Juana


Posted on December 21 2015

As I've gotten older, Christmas hasn’t been eventful to say the least. It was more for the kids in my family and for us to shower them with gifts, but what about me? Does anyone care about what I want for Christmas? (There's one person who should, he knows who he is). Here are a few things that I would love to have under my TV (decorated in lights) this year, I live in Manhattan, so there’s no space for a tree in my place.   
I'm not a bag person at ALL! I can carry and have been carrying the same bag for about 5 years now, which just happens to be a MARC BY MARC JACOBS bucket bag. Now I'm ready for something new in design, but not so new in style. What I love about this bag is the color options you can choose from, I personally love the pop of blue. 

Mansur Gavriel

 Mini Bucket Bag

So I’m torn. I’ve always loved sneakers, but once I hit 11th grade I decided to get all fancy and wear heels all the time, no idea why. When I started college, I remember my first day trucking around campus in an mini army fatigue skirt and a off the shoulder top, with some bedazzled mess on my collar and sleeves, all topped off with a pair of Candies wooden black patent slide sandals ( you know you had a pair). I thought I looked hot! But as Kevin Hart would say “ You gonna learn today” oh and I did, I learned that I needed to leave the heels at home, almost sprained my ankle walking around the campus, and fell in love with sneakers again. So this holiday I’m asking for these babies:

        Nike Air Huarache  

      Yeezy Boost 350

Starting a business isn't easy and although I had great people behind me for my first Mission Lane photo shoot, I discovered that it's good to know how to do things on your own. So I'm asking for this as an investment into Mission Lane. My boyfriend re-shot some of the items for my website, just to show different variations of the looks and we both fell in love with this camera. Now he thinks he's a photographer (insert side eye here).       

Nikon D3200


Last but not least, I've been wanting a coat like this for a while and I love this version done perfectly by SAM. I feel like this coat is perfect to dress up or down. I've seen people in NYC with coats similar to this and even in sweat pants, you look put together. 


Crosby Wool Coat with Fur Trim



Boom! There it is everything thing I'm currently coveting. Although, I would love to receive these items, I also know that there are TONS of people that won’t receive anything this holiday season. So when your opening your gifts on Christmas morning, spending time with your family and friends, preparing your family dinner,  be grateful for this time and  your blessings.
Have an AWESOME holiday!!!
Mission Lane



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