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Written by Mission Lane


Posted on February 21 2016

  When I was in high school prom was a BIG deal!  You had to have the right dress, hair and makeup had to be on point (sans the contouring, because nobody was about that life then) and God forbid another girl had the same dress you were DONE (at least that’s what I thought)!  I remember wanting the dress that Charlize Theron wore to the 2000 (dating myself here) Vanity Fair Oscar party. It was Vera Wang, I had no idea who that was then, but I knew I had to have the dress, the dress was me!  I couldn’t afford to purchase the real thing, so I pleaded with my mom for me to get it made. I remember coming to Manhattan to pick out the chiffon fabric and meeting with the seamstress to discuss details and meeting up for fittings. I loved this dress! The bright orange popped on my skin, and the back of the dress was all about drama! 


Looking back at prom I was in a bubble, I was really concerned about how I looked that day, to the point that I broke out in hives from just stressing out. I don’t think I ever thought about the girls that probably didn’t have the opportunity to go to prom or any major event in high school. I can’t go back in time, but I can definitely try to help now. So this year Mission Lane is offering two deserving girls the opportunity to get glammed for prom, hair, makeup, and dress, on Mission Lane. What makes these two girls deserving is that despite their situation, they still manage to lend a hand to others. The Motto!


So if you know of any girls that fit the bill or if you’re interested in donating your time our services, please email us at



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