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Bonthe Holiday!

Written by Mission Lane


Posted on January 09 2017

Greetings from Bonthe, Sierra Leone! It's New Years Eve, and I'm trying to keep cool while sitting on the porch. Bonthe is an island so there aren't many cars, just motorcycles and sandy streets. I love how peaceful and calm it is here, the exact opposite of my life in NYC. On vacation you usually try to sleep in but I'm up pretty much every morning by 7:30am. My alarm in the morning is a few things, usually the chickens or the dogs barking, my cousin running around the house opening the windows with all her might aka loud as hell, or the local mosque that projects the morning prayers through the loud speaker that just happens to face our home.
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When my family comes to town our home becomes a revolving door to say the least of family & friends coming to visit. Visits start as early as 8am and go till 12-1am, usually ending with a dancing and some wine. It's a love hate thing because although I love seeing all of them, sometimes I want just hang out with having to entertain, but I totally get it.
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Although my trip was pleasure, I couldn’t forget to get business done. We launched our Alta E. Lawrence education scholarship, saw my grandma get awarded at her church and got to hear them talk about her accomplishments in Bonthe as a teacher and parent. This had me feeling so inspired, proud, and blessed. Treated some of my neighborhood girlfriends to manicures and we pretty much had a dance party every other night which left me sad because all these little girls could dance wayyyy better than me.
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 My trip is wrapping up and although I'm excited to go back to the states, I'm sad to leave our friends and family especially my grandma behind. I'm thrilled about what's in store for 2017. Praying for continued growth of Mission Lane and myself, and of course for you, excited about tying the knot in a few months, and trying my hardest to eat a little healthier. I can eat pizza, fries, and ice cream all day everyday.
Here’s to a blessed and prosperous 2017!
Mission Lane
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