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Ciao dall'Italia! 

Written by Mission Lane


Posted on August 28 2018

I recently returned back from my trip to Italy; Capri, Positano, Naples, and Paris to be exact and it was nothing short of beautiful. 6 of the most amazing girls and myself had the pleasure of exploring Italy for our first time and falling in love with the beautiful beaches, people, and yummy fresh food! 

kathy juana mymissionlane positano italy

I had spent months planning for this trip to celebrate my 35th year of life and had this picture perfect trip planned with all the perfect looks. But the gag is none of that stuff made it to the trip.
kathy juana mymissionlane positano italy
 I think I perfected how to travel with just a carryon. My first experience traveling with a carryon was for my 30th birthday trip to Greece, I bought a huge suitcase for the trip and my girlfriend was like “where’s that going?”, so my roommate at the time helped me roll everything into a 22inch suitcase perfect for sailing on a boat to the different Greek Islands. Since then I haven’t stopped traveling that way.   So for Italy I planned to do the same, but when I got to the airport an Air France representative offered to check my bag for free, so I checked my carryon bag and got a drink at the nearest bar.  
kathy juana mymissionlane positano italy
Fast forward to our flight being delayed over an hour, falling out in the Paris airport floor while trying to run to next flight, half of our friends missing our connecting flight (Air France didn’t give two craps), and then finally arriving to Naples airport to then receive a message that my luggage was lost. #idie
kathy juana mymissionlane positano italy
   I’m not going to lie, I panicked but also thought, it would be on the next flight or they just got it mixed up and it’s actually in the airport #positivevibes.  However the joke was on me, I ended up leaving the airport without my luggage and headed to Capri. Had to buy new bathing suits and some clothes, but thank God I had packed some essentials in my tote, but definitely not enough to cover me for the entire trip.
 I’m explaining all this to say that I had PLANNED everything perfectly for this trip and in my mind nothing was going to go wrong, but I learned a few things during this trip that gave me a new perspective on traveling and life.
  • Never fly Air France: Totally understand that things happen, but they gave zero you know what’s. They lack customer service, don’t have their ducks in a row and just called me to see how many pieces of luggage I’m still waiting for, mind you I’ve been back for a week now with my luggage. #comeon
  • Vivi nel momento ( Live in the moment) : I definitely had my sour puss moments BUT I feel like I TRIED my best to live in the moment and take everything in and not be overcome by the negligence of Air France. When I finally got my luggage I was excited but I looked at it like why did I need this again? What was in here that was so important? #growth
  • People are amazing: I already knew that, but the hosts at the villa we stayed at in Positano went above and beyond in helping us locate and eventually getting our (my girlfriend and I both lost our luggage) luggage back. He could have directed us to the nearest store and kept it moving, but his contacts had contacts and he made it happen. Forever grateful for that. I know you are thinking it’s just your luggage big deal, but he went above his job to help strangers out and that’s a big deal, he owed us nothing.
 Mymissionlane positano Italy
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Listen, despite not having my luggage I did have an amazing time. Positano is everything you’ve seen on Pinterest and Instagram. It’s seriously picture perfect. Capri felt so fancy and glamorous, Naples was cool and Paris is freaking Paris!
I ended the trip in Paris by surprising my friends with a surprise photo shoot by the E​iffel T​ower. That was honestly the ONLY thing that I had planned that actually happened and their reactions made my day, it almost didn’t happened because our Air France flight was late leaving Naples.
kathy juana mymissionlane paris france  
Wish you guys were there, with your luggage of course!  
Ps: If you know anyone that works at Air France feel free to forward this 😊



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