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Written by Mission Lane


Posted on January 12 2018

How to Make a Style Statement with a Duster Coat

Most women have a closet full of clothes, yet still feel they have nothing to wear. A great thing, a duster coat is a foolproof piece that can take you to parties, dinner dates, girl’s night outs, or even at the office with a few style tricks. Since it can be endlessly styled for every occasion, keep on reading for our outfit hacks to make a style statement every time. 

Mission Lane Gigi Duster Coat 

  1. Go for a modern classic look with striped duster coat and pants teamed with your favorite basic.

If you’re heading to a fancy party or a more formal event, you might be thinking of your little black dress again. But remember, looking stylish doesn’t have to equal uncomfortable silhouettes and tight necklines, but chic pieces with a comfortable feel. This striped duster coat teamed with matching pants and a basic white tee gives a glamorous vibe to your looks while keeping you effortless. Featuring a pin stripe design with a touch of burgundy within the stripe, this duster coat and pants combination makes your look modern and fashion-forward for any occasion. Simply finish off your outfit with a pair of heels, flats or sneakers and statement accessories that will take you from day to night.

  1. Elevate your casual outfit from a typical everyday look to street style chic with a duster coat.

Tee and denim outfit combination is a foolproof choice, but you can always spice up your ensembles, taking it from ordinary to fashion-forward. If you find your mornings challenging for dressing up, a duster coat can instantly make your casual tee and denim shorts put-together. This duster coat has no pockets and tie belt, making it look more effortless, while its light, free-flowing silhouette makes everything comfortable. A pair of denim shorts adds some contrast to your duster coat while elongating your legs, so you’ll avoid drowning in the length of the coat.

mission lane. mymissionlane gig black and white duster coat with denim shorts

mission lane . mymissionlane gigi duster coat and denim boyfriend jeans

  1. Team your striped pants with our Tiara sweater, making the lighter piece work in the colder months.

If you wish to extend your seasonal wardrobe, think of layering your light pieces with cozier ones. Great for days when the weather is still transitioning, our Tiara sweater teamed with striped pants will keep you warm, chic, and stylish. Striped pants are such a versatile piece to add to your wardrobe, as it can go well with your most casual tops and dressier blouses, while sweaters can make a great layering piece during the colder months. Also, the striped design makes it easy to mix and match with your classic pieces, making them look more creative and fashionable. The drawstring pants feature pockets on its side, making it more perfect when running errands. Simply think of a pair of sneakers for casual vibes or strappy heels for a night out.

mission lane gray ruffle sleeve off the shoulder sweater 

  1. Make your Casual Friday in the office a bit polished with a duster coat and heels.

If you work in a casual office, chances are you wear your most comfortable jeans with a chic top, or dress up your casual outfit with a coat. The duster coat is the perfect piece to make your Casual Friday outfit of tee and jeans polished and sleek without looking too formal. You can go for a pair of chic flats or classic pumps in the warmer months and switch to ankle boots in the colder months. If you think the duster coat can overwhelm your petite frame, think of a pair of high-waist denim jeans to bring attention to the smallest part of your waist and elongate your frame.

The next time you find yourself caught in a “nothing to wear” dilemma, think of a duster coat and you’ll make a style statement.

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