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It’s Our Anniversary

Written by Kathy Juana


Posted on October 15 2016

Cue Tony! Toni! Tone.. It’s official! Mission Lane has been in business for 1 year.  Within this year I learned a lot about myself and how to run a business. Looking back to when this was just an idea I was so skeptical on how this would actually work. I always wanted an actual store front and was so against having an online shop. Although running a business isn’t easy, deciding to go the online route was one of the smartest business decisions I’ve made.  I’ve also learned some major keys points over the past year that changed the way I worked:
  • How to make decisions by myself and try my hardest not to ask 1,000,000 people before I’m finally okay with an answer.I would call, text, email, whatsapp friends and family for their opinions all the time and pretty much waste time trying to deciding on something. I still ask for opinions but I’ve limited my contact list. It’s a start.
  • Just because something worked for someone else doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you:  I would read manuals, listen to friend's strategies who tried things and say how awesome it worked for them and when I tried it I wouldn’t get the same results, and I would be bummed out and second guess having a business. Yeah I would take it that far, then realizing different strokes for different folks. 
  • Sticking to my brand mission: In the beginning stages I was easily influenced by what people thought Mission Lane should be or do, and it would confuse the crap out of me and I would loose focus on what I wanted to do. Now I’ve learned to listen (politely), but take out of it what I feel is appropriate for me,myself, and I.
Mission Lane accomplished a few things this year too! Within this year we had a holiday accessories drive where we collected winter accessories for the less fortunate, we had our 1st prom drive where we not only collected prom dresses, we glammed up one amazing girl for prom, last but not least with the help of people in the community we were able to donate 25 bookbags filled with school supplies to 3 schools in the tristate area.  Plus we got to interview 6 amazing people who shared their personal missions with us.
Mission Lane is still in its beginning stages and there’s so much more to do and learn, but I’m happy with where we are and looking forward to what the future holds.
Thanks for being apart of our journey and for your support. 
Mission Lane



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