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How to Style Your Lorraine Jumpsuit from Day to Night!

Written by Mission Lane


Posted on September 09 2018

How to Style Your Lorraine Jumpsuit from Day to Night
Jumpsuit is a one-and-done piece that looks incredibly chic when styled the right way. I’m personally not a fan of jumpsuits, but this one I love! Love how you can transform it from day to nigh. I can so see myself wearing this to work with a knit underneath and then taking it off to go out for drinks, keep reading on our tricks on how to style your jumpsuit from day to night.


mission lane navy blue and burgundy stripe jumpsuit

Daytime Look:
Fall season is the perfect time to get creative on your outfit, and the art of layering will let you wear your most favorite staples stylishly while keeping you warm.
When wearing a jumpsuit, the key is to define your waist. Belts might be your go-to, but do you know that you can look feminine at the same time effortless with a leather jacket? It tones down your midsection while adding some illusion of curves with a loose, flowy silhouette of your jumpsuit.
Our jumpsuit is polyester but has a silk like feel, and will look perfect when contrasted with a black top and a leather jacket. Just throw on a pair of red pumps and velvet sailor cap and you’re off to conquer the day.
To make your style more versatile and functional, it’s designed with pockets and adjustable blue velvet adjustable straps.
 mission lane navy blue and burgundy stripe jumpsuit
Nighttime Look:
If you always resort to a little black dress for a nighttime look, it’s time to change things up. Jumpsuits are just as good for evening as they are for day—it can give you a sexy and alluring vibe with just the right amount of subtlety.
Not to mention it can help you save time when getting ready in the evening—you don’t have to think on what to wear because all you have to do is to step into it, zip it, and go.
No matter your shape, you can find a jumpsuit that flatters you. A great thing, our Lorraine jumpsuit has a bustier type bodice and wide leg pants that can also perfect when you want to show off your shape. Remember, a perfectly-fitted jumpsuit makes you look way cooler than all the other women in their dresses. Yes, a jumpsuit beats a cocktail dress right now (we said what we said).

mission lane navy blue and burgundy stripe jumpsuit

Do you know that bold colors are automatic attention-getters? Our jumpsuit featuring stripes in blue and burgundy is great for making a fashion statement without going overboard.
Our jumpsuit already makes a bold statement, so simplicity is the key when styling it for the night. Just think of dainty jewelry, elegant clutch, and a pair of high heels to complete your nighttime look.

mission lane navy blue and burgundy stripe jumpsuit

Indeed, the styling possibilities of jumpsuits are endless. So, if you’re looking for a fashion piece that can take you from day to night, jumpsuits are your best friend!


Mission Lane



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