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Mission Behind You X Allison James - Frison

Written by Kathy Juana


Posted on February 21 2018

Who are you? What do you do?

My name is Allison James - Frison. I am the Founder of Girls; Live, Love, Laugh Inc. Mentoring Program

What’s your mission?

Girls; Live, Love, Laugh Inc. mission is to permit every girl in the city of Newark a chance to live, love and laugh through our fundamental workshops on Leadership & Career Development, Education, Peer Groups, Money Management and our Fit Girls Rock Health & Wellness Clinic. Girls; Live, Love, Laugh Inc. vision is to make a difference in their lives by removing some of the obstacles that may stand in their way, so that they can become respectable, successful, productive and happy ladies

Why not just be great at what you do? Why give back?

Giving back to my community to which I was born and raised allows me to make a positive impact not only in the girls lives that we reach but in my community as a whole. Hopefully, I will inspire others to give back as well.

What organizations or groups do you feel the closest to and why?

I appreciate all organizations that mentors to young girls - especially the ones that allow girls to see their true beauty, love who they are with no regrets and let them know that they have a voice and it matters.

mission lane Girls: live, love, laugh Inc.


Are there specific people that had a big influence on your desire to give back, if so who are they and how did they influence you?

My mom had the biggest influence on my desire to give back. I grow up in Newark Housing Authority Projects we didn't have much and considered "underprivileged" . However, that did not stop my mom from feeding the community and inviting people to live with us. As a child I watched my mom take food out of our house to feed others knowing that it was a possibility that we would go without. But, God always made a way.

If you could ask for 3 things in this world what would it be?

Peace, Compassion and a cure for Cancer.

What’s your life motto?

I'll rather be empowering than powerful. Some people don't understand that it's a huge difference between having power and being empowering.

 mission lane Girls: live, love, laugh Inc.


You can learn more about Allison and her mission at :

If you are interested in donating to Girls; Live, Love, Laugh Inc. Mentoring Program click here :



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