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Mission Behind You X Princess Kontoh

Written by Kathy Juana


Posted on April 18 2018

Princess Kona Mission Behind You Mission Lane

Who are you? What do you do?

Princess Kontoh. I am co-founder of The Konim Touch Foundation a non-profit in Ghana.

What’s your mission?

The Konim Touch Foundation was founded to impact the lives of children in orphanages in rural areas of Ghana. We strive to build relationships with the children there to encourage their educational and economical growth. We collect toiletries and nonperishable food items. Our goal to meet the specific needs of the orphanages we impact.

Why not just be great at what you do? Why give back?

It is important to me that people always know that they are integral and needed in this world. Oftentimes, children are overlooked and neglected in rural areas. I feel immense joy when I can put a smile on a child's face.Princess Kontoh Mission Behind You. Mission Lane Ghana.

What organizations or groups do you feel the closest to and why?

I have no specific organization I feel closest too. However, I truly appreciate how supportive my church, United Methodist Church at New Brunswick was in donating goods to the children I visited in Ghana. In general, I just love organizations that cater to the success and nourishment of children economically and educationally.

 Princess Kontoh Mission Behind You. Mission Lane Ghana.

Are there specific people that had a big influence on your desire to give back, if so who are they and how did they influence you?

My mother had a big influence on my desire to give back. I remember her always giving to those in need. Her openly showing love to those in need influenced me to give back as well.

Princess Kontoh Mission Behind You. Mission Lane Ghana.

If you could ask for 3 things in this world what would it be?

Love, peace, and equality

What’s your life motto?

Treat others how you would want to be treated and show unconditional love.

You can learn more about Princess and her mission at:





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