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Network, work, work, work, work!

Written by Kathy Juana


Posted on September 19 2016

So, I'm just going to keep it real and say that I HATED networking Why? Because I feel like I'm being forced to get to know someone just because of what they might be able to do for me or vice versa. Call me naive, but I'm all about genuinely wanting to be in someone's presence because I LIKE them, not because of where they work, what they do, or who they know.

So a week or so ago,I went to an event that turned out to be a networking event without me even knowing it. I think It's because I enjoyed talking to the people there, (I hoped they liked talking to me too) and no one was under a preconceived notion that they were coming to network.

Dolls of the City creates events that brings women of all different walks of life together that just want to have fun trying something new. I met Kate at a women's entrepreneurs class we took last fall together and she connected me to Brittany who's the Director of Operations for Dolls of the City, but also has her own brand, Piece, Love and Sole which had an event that put a spin on speed dating. Instead of going table-to-table talking to guys, you went table-to-table talking to specialists in the makeup, beauty, and professional styling industry.  Fun right! Here you got to ask them any burning questions you had in regards to their specialty. I was more than excited to talk to the makeup artist, because lord knows I need to get my hands on an awesome primer for my oily skin.

I was in a room with about 10+ women who were beautiful, smart, and driven and the only way I found that out was by NETWORKING! Wine, cheese and crackers were served so we were munching and chatting, it was so hard for me to stop talking. So, let's say this event changed my outlook on networking, I exchanged my contact information with some of the women, because within those few hours we enjoyed talking to each other and had mutual things in common. Hoping to go to more events like this and meet more awesome women.



If you're interested in learning more about Dolls of the City and Piece, Love and Sole here's their website and social media handle: / @dollsofthecity / @pieceloveandsole 
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