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Written by Mission Lane


Posted on September 30 2016


Every morning I have a ritual, this started when I was younger with my mom, but the first thing I say when I wake up is "Thank you Lord for another day" then proceed to reach for my phone, before I check on what's happening in the social media world, go to my email and read my daily devotional The Upper Room .
However, this morning I got up and realized I started thanking God for everything. Not saying that there's something wrong with that, but while brushing my teeth I thanked him for the water, for the tooth paste, then went to the kitchen to start preparing some food, and thanked him for the food in the fridge. 
This had me thinking why today out of all days are you so overly grateful for everything? I honestly think it's because of everything I did that last month that made me step back and take a look at how blessed I am, from being able to send school supplies with a lot of your help to kids who need it, serving breakfast to the homeless, and volunterring with the disabled,  this all had me thinking that a lot of the things we consider essentials are luxuries to other people. 
Anyway I just felt the need to share this, do you have any daily rituals? 
Mission Lane



  • I think about these things daily and think people lose sight of the blessings that they have. Thanks for sharing, awesome blog!!

    Posted by Amanda | September 30, 2016
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