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  • Karried away for Prom | Mission Lane

    Karried away for Prom

    If you follow us on Snapchat (Mymissionlane), you were probably thinking I was going to prom, that's not what happened at all, but I guess you would say I relived...

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  • Covenant House

    How do I explain today? I didn’t wake up in the best mood, already knew that it was going to be a long day and on top of that I...

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    Covenant House | Mission Lane
  • Spring Forward | Mission Lane

    Spring Forward

    Spring is always a tough season for me especially in the beginning when the weather isn’t quite there yet and I’m stuck between wearing a down coat because I’m always...

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  • Prom

      When I was in high school prom was a BIG deal!  You had to have the right dress, hair and makeup had to be on point (sans the contouring, because...

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    Prom | Mission Lane
  • It's A Wrap! | Mission Lane

    It's A Wrap!

    As 2015 wraps up, there's so much to reminiscence about and so much to thankful for. I had an amazing 2015, I had the pleasure to travel to Dubai, Hawaii...

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